The Constant Reader Podcast

Two Idiots Prattle on about their Stephen King Obsession

No one really knows where David Pavey came from, he emerged from the woods one day, spewing a garbled hybrid language; something between English and French. He claims to have started reading Stephen King when he was ten and is rumoured to possess an English Degree, but none of this is at all verifiable. He is not to be trusted. 

Bradley Hornsby raised cattle on a small farm outside of Peterborough, Ontario, but always had higher aspirations. After a fanfared return from a 6 month stint on the International Space Station, Bradley devoted the better part of his time reading books and caring for the elderly. He is, sadly, the only person who trusts David, for better or worse. 


The two met in College where they were studying Theatre and bonded over their love of Stephen King. Ever since the intellectual and moral standards of both parties, and the world as a whole, have been in a state of rapid decay. Now they're doing a podcast.

Lucky You!